Thoracic Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the spine vary in severity and location from the neck to the lower back. At the Serious Injury Claim Line we have experienced solicitors who understand the varying types of injury and can assist will all Thoracic Spine injuries. We are a nationally based law firm and we do not simply sell claims to the highest paying law firm even if they don’t have sufficient experience to handle your claim.  From the very first phone call, our clients speak to the file handler who will provide firm and robust advice from the outset.

The Thoracic Spine is the section of the spine just below the neck. Located between the Shoulder Blade to the middle part of the back or the upper and middle back. It is made up of 12 Vertebrae labelled T1 – T12.

Different parts of the spine have varying functions, the cervical spine is built for flexibility, for example looking around and turning the head.  The Lower spine, known as the Lumber spine, is built for heavy lifting and power as well as twisting.  The Thoracic spine is built for stability, which for obvious reasons plays a very important role in most peoples’ lives both at home and work.  It keeps the person upright and provides protection to organs such as the heart and lungs.

Injuries to the Thoracic spine can often be unstable, caused by severe high impact trauma such as car or motorbike accidents, falls at work and other serious accidents.  More often than not they involve spinal cord damage or at the very least nerve damage

Whether our client has suffered a fracture, dislocation or other serious injury to the thoracic spine our specialists are here to help them recover the personal injury compensation they deserve.  Our team will work hard to obtain interim payments (advance payments) to ensure that during the course of the claim our client’s financial situation does not deteriorate.

How we can help and what we can claim for

We are experienced in handling the most complicated personal injury claims and will ensure that we recover the maximum compensation on behalf of our clients.  We always work on a No Win No Fee Basis, which means our clients will not be asked to pay anything from their own pocket.  We ensure that we arrange the highest level of rehabilitation possible including an initial needs assessment if we believe our client’s home requires adaptations or full time care is required.

We aim to meet every client in person within 4 weeks of commencing a claim for personal injury.  We can arrange to visit our client’s home or arrange a conference room close by to meet.  We welcome the input from family and friends to ensure we are fully aware of our client’s needs.

We will include a variety of claims, known as heads of claim, within a claim for personal injury.  These will vary from case to case and client to client however some of the heads of claim we include are:

Personal Injury Compensation

The most familiar part of making a claim for compensation will be for the actual injuries sustained in the accident.  In order to obtain personal injury compensation we must prove the injuries were caused by the accident (Causation) and the severity of the injuries and how they will affect the client’s life (Prognosis).  In order to do this we send our clients to some of the most well respected medical professionals in the country.  They provide a full breakdown of the injuries sustained in the accident, detail and pre-existing conditions identified from a review of medical records.  Once this is done they provide recommendations in relation to care requirements, both immediate and future, as well as any disadvantage the client has on the labour market as a result of the injuries sustained.   Finally they will provide a prognosis based on their assessment.

Often in more complicated cases where other traumas have occurred such as brain injury, spinal cord damage or psychological upset more than one type of expert will be seen such as an orthopaedic surgeon for the back injury, a neurologist for the spinal cord damage and a psychologist for the psychological injuries sustained.

Past and Future Loss of Earnings

Often one of the largest heads of claim, and most important to most people, is that of lost earnings.  We ensure that we obtain the professional advice required from various experts, including occupational health specialists, to assess a client’s working capacity following their serious back injury.  This ensures that we obtain the maximum level of recovery of both past and future earnings.

Whether the client has just started work or close to retirement we calculate any losses based on both the current role and any future role that may have been achievable had it not have been for the accident and injuries sustained.  A loss of earnings claim will be based on the earnings lost over the remaining part of a career and specialist advice will be provided in this regard.

Costs of Care

In the most severe cases often carers are required during rehabilitation at the very least, more often than not however up to 24 hour care is often required.  We ensure that any claim takes into account the cost of that care both professionally and from family members and friends.

Where care is required on a more permanent basis we ensure that the same is provided for and arranged well into the future.

Disadvantage on the Labour Market & Loss of Congenial Employment

When an accident occurs, and serious injuries are sustained, this can affect the type of employment the victim can then undertake and often means they cannot return to their previous field of employment.   Where this takes place compensation can be obtain to deal with a fall in salaries or a disadvantage on the labour market when interviewing for roles in the same field.  A serious back injury, for example, in the building trade will put the victim at a very significant disadvantage when seeking employment.  It may therefore be that retraining is required in a more sedentary role.  We ensure that such training and compensation is contained within any settlement achieved.

Other Heads of Claim

During the course of the claim our clients may incur expenses such as travelling expenses to and from hospital appointments, rehabilitation and things of the like.  We ensure that these are all included within any claim for personal injury we manage on behalf of our clients.

If you have been involved in an accident, suffering a thoracic spine injury, contact us today on 08001123256 to discuss how we can assist you with your claim.  From the very first phone call you will be speaking to your file handler who will be with you every step of the way.