Spinal Injuries

The Serious Injury Claim Line is a national firm operated by Centenary Solicitors, we ensure that no matter where our clients are based throughout England and Wales, that every client is seen in person throughout their claim for Spinal Injury Compensation.  We understand the very complex needs of Spinal Injury survivors and how their needs vary, with very specific requirements in each case. We take time to understand the severity of every client’s injury, circumstances, financial position and care needs at the outset of the claim and throughout the conduct of the same. We then work with Private Medical Experts, Rehabilitation Providers, Care Providers and the other party’s insurers to ensure an immediate needs assessment is undertaken regarding all aspects of the recovery process as well as financial matters. Making a claim for Personal Injury for spinal injuries is not just about obtaining financial compensation.

However, where immediate financial needs arise we always request an interim payment (payment in advance of final settlement) to ensure that financial commitments are met.

Spinal injuries vary in nature and more often than not involve complex and life changing diagnosis, symptoms, prognosis and pain management. Our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with complex claims involving spinal injuries ranging from fractured vertebra to quadriplegia and other injuries involving spinal cord damage.

Quite often many spinal injuries are sustained in addition to brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other traumatic fractures. We know how these life-changing injuries affect lives and we work together with all of our clients to ensure that we provide the highest standard of care possible. We work with some of the most reputable Rehabilitation Providers, Medical Experts and Consultants in England and Wales.

We understand that making a claim is an important step to securing a stable and comfortable future for our clients and work very closely with not just the client but all providers of care, and experts in the case, to ensure the best possible outcome both physically and financially for each and every one.

Spinal Injuries can vary from severity to type. More information is provided below regarding each type of matter we specialise in and how we can help.

How Can We Help

At the Serious Injury Claim Line from the first time you speak to us you will be speaking with your file handler, we are NOT a claims company who simply sells your claim to the highest paying Law Firm they can find irrelevant as to their expertise.

All claims are dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis where the is 0% risk to all of our clients.  We never ask any client to pay us money from his or her own pocket.  We specialise in Personal Injury Claims and serious accidents from Road Traffic Accidents, Work Accidents right through to accidents in the Military.

We have a dedicated and focused team dealing with the highest level of injury claims who are here solely to assist victims of accidents who have sustained very serious injuries.

From the outset we give firm advice on the prospect of the claim, the process of how the claim will progress and what to expect during the course of the same.  We ensure, as detailed above, that our clients are examined by the highest skilled spinal injury experts in the medical field to provide their advices on a range of matters, from the cause of the injuries, the severity and the ultimate prognosis moving forward into the future.  We will consider the impact, both physically and financially of the injuries on occupation and at home to ensure that all of the future needs of our clients are taken care of as a part of the claim.

If you or someone you know has sustained a serious spinal injury in the last 3 years as a result of an accident call us TODAY on 0800 1123 256 for a free no obligation discussion as to how we can help.