Spinal Cord Injuries

The Serious Injury Claim Line is a firm of nationally based solicitors who specialise in Serious Personal Injury Claims including spinal cord injuries.  We have over 20 years’ experience in handling Spinal Cord injury claims and work very closely with all our clients and their families and friends to ensure that from the outset our client’s needs are met.

We aim to meet all of our clients, within a maximum of 4 weeks, in person no matter where they are located in England & Wales.  We can either arrange to meet at home, hospital or a conveniently located conference rooms which we can arrange.  The aim of the meeting is to understand the exact nature of the injuries, the life changing effects of the same as well as the care and financial needs of our clients.

A Spinal Cord Injury can take place due to many different types of accidents and at the Serious Injury Claim Line we work to quickly understand the mechanics of the accident, whether it be a work accident, road traffic accident, motor cycle accidents, a fall from height or even an accident whilst serving in the military.

The Spinal Cord is protected by and located in the spine and can either be completely or partially damaged and is normally irreversible. The Spinal Cord connects the brain to the rest of the body and transmits neurological messages to and from the brain to the body.  Changes in sensation and paralysis is often the outcome for most victims.  Depending on where the injury takes place in the spinal cord and the severity of the injury outcome can vary from significant pain through to paralysis from the site of the injury down.

What makes a Spinal Cord most traumatic is it can happen suddenly and sometimes in the most normal of circumstances, however accidents are one of the most frequent causes.

Spinal Cord Injury can lead to tetraplegia sometimes this is Incomplete where there is some retention of sensation below the site of injury.  Less common is Complete tetraplegia which is where there is no sensation at all below the site of injury.

The most serious level of Spinal Cord Injury occurs in the Cervical Spine and where there is a complete injury to the Spinal Cord this causes Quadriplegia which is paralysis from the shoulders down.

The symptoms of Spinal Cord injuries vary significantly and each case has unique outcomes and care requirements.  We take time to ensure that each of our client’s individual needs are assessed from the outset to allow specialist rehabilitation and care providers to assist in making our client’s as comfortable as possible.

We understand that in the most severe of cases often there are other factors to consider such as respiratory, bowel and bladder control which often need close management from 24 hour carers.  A part of making a claim for personal injury for spinal cord injuries is to ensure that our clients have access to lifelong care on a private basis and we rely on the most sophisticated advices from medical experts, in many different fields, care providers, rehabilitation providers as well as the highest level of assistance from Specialist Barristers in the field who as a team will work tirelessly to achieve the maximum level of compensation possible.

How We Can Help

The Serious Injury Claim Line is operated by Centenary Solicitors, a specialist personal injury firm of solicitors.  We work on a No Win No Fee Basis meaning our clients never pay us a penny out of their own pocket and the claim is 100% risk free to them and their families.

As detailed above we instruct the highest calibre of experts, who also understand the legal processes involved, to assist running all of our claims.  We aim to meet all of our clients in person within 4 weeks of commencing a claim.

We seek interim payments (Advance Payments of Compensation) to assist with many different things such as to alleviate financial strains due to lost earnings right through to adaptations to the home or relocation and purchase of new property to allow the client to live as comfortable a life as possible.

A Spinal Injury Compensation Claim is broken down into what are called “Heads of Claim”.  There are many heads of claim which are included when dealing with a claim for compensation.  The most common are detailed below:

Spinal Injury Compensation

The most obvious head of claim in a Spinal Injury Compensation Claim is for the injuries sustained.  The severity of the spinal injury and the affect it has had on the client’s life is taken into account when dealing with this head of claim.  The value of injuries is often the easiest part of the claim to deal with as compensation is valued using case law, legal precedents, which have gone before the courts where the injuries are similar to those of our clients.  Often they are then increased or decreased to represent differences in each particular case.

We work closely with a high level barrister, often Queens Counsel, to ensure that the maximum level of compensation for this level of claim is claimed.

Rehabilitation, Adaptations and Cost of Care

Where the spinal cord injuries are severe we work with specialists in various fields to establish the cost of rehabilitation, adaptations to homes, cars, transport needs, equipment costs such as wheelchairs and the list goes on.

All heads of claims are considered by specialist Barristers prior to settlement to ensure the maximum level of compensation is achieved in the spinal injury compensation claim.

Loss of Earnings, Pensions and Congenial Employment

Depending on the level of spinal cord injury a client’s loss of earnings can be short term or life long. We ensure that we seek interim payments (Advanced payments of compensation) to alleviate any financial strains caused by the injuries.  In addition if the losses are long term we work with specialist occupational health specialists and HR consultants to provide forecasts of losses well into the future.

Working with high end specialist Barristers ensures that the level of compensation received is commensurate as to the clients earnings as though the accident had not happened.  Discounts and multipliers will be used to ensure that any final settlement, when invested correctly, will continue to provide earnings, care and support for our clients lifetime.

Other heads of claim

There are many other heads of claim such as travel expenses and miscellaneous items for which we claim and we will ensure that all costs relating to the injuries of the client are met.

If you or anyone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury and is seeking specialist legal advice about a Spinal Injury Compensation Claim please contact us on 0800 1123 256 for immediate assistance and advice.  We offer 100% no obligation consultations over the phone and in person.