Muscular Back Injury

Most injuries to the back are muscular and can vary in severity to minor whiplash to life changing injuries requiring Pain Management and ongoing treatment.

A very large number of injuries relate to the lower back however muscular injury can occur throughout the back region.

We deal with all levels of muscular back injuries from Whiplash to Lifting injuries involving muscle injury and disc injuries sustained in manual jobs for example.

The back is supported by muscles, soft tissues, tendons and ligaments all of which help support us whilst undertaking everyday life.  Our lower back depends on these tissues to hold us upright and support the upper body weight.

Often a muscular injury is relatively minor in medical terms and can be treated conservatively through pain management and physiotherapy.  Notwithstanding this the pain that can be caused is significant and debilitating.


Whiplash is caused by significant forces, normally from front to back, being inflicted on the neck and back.  Most often caused in car accidents with speeds of impact varying from 5 miles per hour upwards.

The severity of the injury also varies, from a recovery of a few weeks onto long term permanent injuries.


A sprain can occur when the ligaments in the back are overstretched.  Often caused by lifting heavy items of repetitive actions of twisting these injuries can cause significant symptoms

There are many other types of serious injuries that can occur to the back which cause significant changes to people’s lives as a result of accidents.

At the Serious Injury Claim Line we specialise in dealing with serious back injury claims.  We understand the issues that can arise as a result of the injuries such as loss of earnings, care requirements etc.  If you have suffered a muscular back injury contact us today to discuss your claim on 0800 1123 256.