Lumber Spinal Injuries

Most spinal fractures and injuries occur in the Thoracic and Lumber regions of the spine.  The Lumber spine is the lower part of the spine from the middle to the bottom L1 to L5.

Injuries to the Lumber Spine vary greatly from muscle strain through to fractures.  The Lumber spine offers support and does most of the body’s heavy lifting.  When an injury occurs often it can have life changing consequences.

At the Serious Injury Claim Line our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors will assist in claiming the maximum level of compensation.

Quiet often lumber spine injuries are sustained in combination with other serious injuries such as a head injury or serious fractures in other parts of the body.  We are very experienced in dealing with multiple injuries of varying severity and will ensure that we obtain the required specialist medical evidence to assist with all elements of any claim.

How we can help

We undertake all personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis meaning our clients never pay anything from their own pockets.  We often seek an interim payment, an advance on compensation, to cover immediate financial commitments of our clients.  In addition we will arrange the highest level of rehabilitation possible with an immediate needs assessment taking place within 4 weeks of our initial instruction.

Further to the above we always meet our clients in person within 4 weeks of starting any claim irrelevant of where in the Country our clients live.  We will arrange to meet at home or a convenient conference room in a convenient location.

We claim a number of heads of claim a short list can be seen below:

Personal Injury Compensation
Past and Future Loss of Earnings
Cost of Care
Disadvantage on the Labour Market
Loss of Congenial Employment
Miscellaneous Losses

If you have been involved in an accident where you have suffered an injury to your lumber spine please contact us on 0800 1123 256 to discuss your claim.  You will speak to your claims handler from the outset for an immediate decision and advice on how we can help.