Loss Of Senses

There are several different types of injuries to senses which might give rise to a claim for compensation. Inevitably, these differing sensory losses require individual care and treatment. Serious Injury Claims Line is conscious that every case is unique and so, our lawyers will work to ensure our Clients get the best treatment for their needs alongside the maximum level of compensation.

What can we do?

 At Serious Claim Line we are experts in dealing with all types of paralysis claims, boasting over 25 years’ of experience ensuring our Client’s get the compensation and care, they deserve. We cover a range of sensory loss, including:

  • Loss of sight (partial and total on both a permanent and temporary basis)
  • Loss of hearing (partial and total on both a permanent and temporary basis)
  • Loss of touch
  • Loss of taste

Losses of sense can occur in a number of ways and is not limited to injury caused by civil negligence. While accidents at work and industrial disease are perhaps the most common, civil remedies are available for victims of criminal assault resulting in the loss of a sense.

The loss of a sense can have an enormous impact on our Clients lives and those of their families. In addition to impacting day to day living and working, there’s the often extreme emotional impact, with quality of life severely affected.

Serious Injury Claims Line, works tirelessly to ensure that the very best experts are instructed and that our Clients, received the best support and advice in addition to the maximum level of compensation possible.

Our Solicitors have 25 years of experience in dealing with every eventuality and will treat you with the care and compassion you deserve. We will spend time getting to know your individual circumstances in order that we can understand your needs. We will work endlessly to ensure that your claim reaches the best possible outcome and the settlement we achieve for you, will reflect all of your needs and those of your family.

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