Disc Injuries

The spine contains discs which are effectively shock absorbers for our backs.  Due to age and other factors such as lifting, twisting and day to day activities the discs in our backs are prone to being injured.  Dealing with claims relating to spinal discs is often very complicated as there are many reasons as to why a client can have damage to the discs in their back.  Sometimes there can be unknown pre-existing conditions where the discs are already degenerating however before an accident the client was suffering no pain or symptoms.  Had it not have been for the accident the client may well have gone on for a large number of years without suffering at all as the discs continued to slowly degenerate.

Often an accident takes a disc that may already be worn and cause it to slip, herniate or bulge. In other cases, a perfectly healthy disc can be injured.  Two of the most common causes of back injuries are Work Accidents involving lifting or repetitive activities and Road Traffic Accidents.

Spinal Discs are cushions between the vertebrae in the back, they are extremely important as they act as shock absorbers as we move around in our daily lives.  Inside is a liquid consistency and these are surrounded by a shell, a herniated disc is one which splits and the liquid leaves the shell taking away the cushion between the spinal vertebrae.  This causes significant pain due not only to the shell breaking but then the two vertebrae being crushed together along with the nerves that are surrounding it.  The more pressure placed on the nerves the more painful the injury.

A bulging disc or slipped disc is where the disc has shifted in its position in the back. As a result of the bulge caused by the disc moving it compresses nerves in the back which causes significant pain.

At the Serious Injury Claim Line we know the complex arguments raised when dealing with claims involving spinal disc injuries.  We ensure that expert medical evidence is obtained to ensure that the maximum possible compensation is recovered at all times.  Making a claim for personal injury due to disc injuries in the back is not just about compensation for the injuries themselves, we also ensure that we obtain the best rehabilitation services possible to help our clients recover from their injuries.

If you have suffered an injury to the discs in your back please contact us on 0800 1123 256 to see how we can assist you with your claim.  From the very first call you will be speaking with the person who will be handling your claim for you.

How Can We Help?

We work on a No Win No Fee Basis.  This means we will never ask any of our clients to pay money from their own pocket in the unlikely event your claim is unsuccessful.  We aim to meet all of our clients in person within 4 weeks of commencing a claim for personal injury involving serious injuries to the spine.   We have a very high standard of client care, which means we ensure that our clients are kept fully informed throughout their claims.

From the very first phone call our clients speak to the person who will be handling their claims for personal injury.  We do not sell your information to another firm for them to decide whether they wish to purchase the claim all clients are dealt with by our leading team of specialists.

What can we claim?

We claim a number of heads of claim a short list can be seen below:

Personal Injury Compensation
Past and Future Loss of Earnings
Cost of Care
Disadvantage on the Labour Market
Loss of Congenial Employment
Miscellaneous Losses

During the course of making a claim we ensure that every possible head of claim is presented to the other party and that we achieve the maximum compensation award possible for all of our clients.

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