Cervical Spinal Injuries

At the Serious Injury Claim Line we deal with Cervical spine injuries on a regular basis.  We are a national firm covering the whole of England and Wales.  We aim to see all of our clients personally within 4 weeks of commencing a claim where serious cervical spine injuries have occurred.   We take the time to understand our client’s needs from the very outset of any claim.  We immediately assess any rehabilitation, financial and care needs to ensure that quick and efficient measures are put in place to make our clients as comfortable as possible.

The term cervical spine relates to the section of the spine in the upper neck area, the higher cervical sections C1 to C4 control the neck and important autonomic functions like breathing for example.

The level of Cervical Spine injuries obviously vary from minor fractures, which whilst serious, are treated conservatively with rest and rehabilitation, to very severe injuries.   Often more severe fractures can cause a spinal cord injury where the vertebrae either compress or significantly damage the spinal cord. Injuries involving C1 to C4 often cause the most serious of spinal cord injuries sometimes leading to tetra or quadriplegia. This relates to paralysis of the upper and lower limbs and an inability to shift their weight.

Those injuries causing quadriplegic also affect breathing along with other functions such as bowel and bladder control and even speech.

We understand that such injuries are life changing for both the injured person and their family and loved ones.  Our aim is to become a part of our client’s life and that of those around them in order to ensure that they are provided with the highest level of support, education, equipment, and rehabilitation in order to alleviate as much pressure as possible.  We always seek to obtain the maximum level of compensation possible including interim payments in advance of any final settlement.

All of the services provided will be on a No Win No Fee basis which means they will cost nothing to our clients.  More often than not the third party insurers will provide funding for this.

How We Can Help and What We Claim For

Our specialist serious injury solicitors will assist both the injured person and their family with obtaining the correct care and rehabilitation as well as the maximum level of compensation possible.  We work with specialist medical and rehabilitation companies who assist solicitors on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible standard of care for victims of accidents is provided.

We aim to see new clients within 4 weeks of starting the claim on their behalf.  We will visit all clients at a convenient location whether it be at home, the Hospital or we can arrange a conference room at a convenient location.  The aim of the meeting will be to discuss the impact of the accident on the life of the injured person and their family.

From the initial meeting onwards we will arrange private medical care and start formulating the claim for compensation.  The claim will deal with some very complex financial claims which we handle fully on behalf of our clients.  A claim is broken down into sections known as “heads of claim” These will include some of the following areas and more:

Personal Injury Compensation

Obviously most people understand that when someone is injured in an accident that was not their fault they would be entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustain.  More often than not the level of compensation for the actual injuries sustained is not as significant as other financial losses we include within the claim for personal injury.

Compensation for the injuries are normally set by what is called case law, these are cases that have previously been before the courts where the court have provided their valuation on the compensation payable for Cervical Spine injuries for example.  The levels of compensation vary based on the severity of the injuries, the level of surgery required and many other factors.

Loss of Earnings, Future Loss of Earnings and Pensions

It is without doubt that such serious injuries will mean that the injured person will not be able to return to work for some time, if at all.  A claim for loss of earnings therefore is very important to any claim for compensation.  We will ensure that to the best of our efforts we obtain an interim payment (advance payment) from the opponent in the case to cover any immediate or near future loss of earnings.  The purpose of making a claim is to ensure that the injured person is put in the same position financially as they were or would have been had the accident not have occurred in the first instance.

We will aim to achieve an interim payment as quickly as possible to ensure that any immediate financial commitments are met.

From there a claim for loss of earning is made to cover both previous and future losses right through to retirement and beyond.

Cost of Rehabilitation and Care

Immediately we will instruct specialist rehabilitation services to ensure that the best possible care is provided to the injured party without having to rely on the NHS, wherever possible.

An immediate needs assessment will take place whereby everything from Physiotherapy through to home adaptations will be considered.  Whatever treatment or adaptations are required the cost is normally met by the opponents insurers.

Where family members are required to assist with the care this cost will be factored into the claim and recovered accordingly.

If long-term care is required on a 24-hour basis, or less, the cost will be included into the claim for both short term and lifelong needs.

Loss of Congenial Employment and Disadvantage on the Labour Market

In the less severe cases where the injured person is able to work in more sedentary roles than prior to the accident we seek the cost of retraining.  In addition we seek compensation for the fact that there is a loss of the chosen profession and any disadvantage the injured person would suffer on the market as a result of the injuries sustained.

Other heads of claim

As we progress through the claim there are always many other financial claims to be included within a personal injury claim such as, telephone charges, costs of relocation if the need arises etc.  As stated above the purpose of making a Serious Injury Personal Injury Claim is to try and place the injured person back into the same financial position had the accident not have happened in the first instance.

If you or anyone you know have suffered a spinal injury and wish to make a claim for personal injury please do contact us on 0800 1123 256 for a free confidential, no obligation, discussion about your claim.