The Serious Injury Claim Line is operated by Centenary Solicitors, who are specialist Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Solicitors.  We are a national firm and cover the entirety of England and Wales.   We understand how a serious injury involving amputation can have a significant effect on our client’s life and be a very traumatic incident.

Accidents of all kinds can cause an injury involving amputation such as Car Accidents, Motor Cycle Accidents, Work Accidents, accidents suffered in the Military and even Medical Negligence.  If you have suffered an amputation injury in the Military we have a specialist Military Claims Team, their website can be found at

We aim to meet our clients within 4 weeks of commencing a claim involving amputations.  We arrange to either meet our clients at home or a convenient location and can even arrange a conference room locally if required.

Our advice does not just relate to the claim for personal injury compensation related to the amputation.  We also work with specialist rehabilitation providers and prosthetic providers to ensure that we are able to assist our clients on the Road to Recovery.

A part of our work also involves arranging care and ensuring that financial matters like Loss of Earnings are managed right from the outset.  We seek interim payments (advanced payments of Compensations) to ensure that our clients do not suffer financially due to their amputation injuries.

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From the outset we ensure that we visit every client within 4 weeks of commencing a claim for amputation compensation.  We undertake all claims for our clients on a No Win No Fee Basis meaning there is 100% no financial risk to them.  At no time do we ask our clients to pay anything from their own pocket.  Some of the areas we can assist in are detailed below however this is just a guide and we explain everything to our clients in Plain English and without any Legal Jargon.

Early Financial Assistance

We always seek early payments from our opponents to assist our clients with their immediate financial needs.  This is known as an interim payment, essentially it is an advance of compensation prior to any final agreed settlement figure.   Quiet often the sum is sufficient to cover and Loss of earnings to the date of our instructions plus a sum for future assistance.  It can also include payments for rehabilitation, prosthetics, wheel chairs and adaptations to a home or cars for example.

In the unlikely event that the advance payment is refused, or insufficient, we fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients with the Court’s Assistance by making applications and representations on behalf of all of our clients.  We do not compromise for the sake of ease as we understand the hard struggle our clients have on the road to recovery.

Rehabilitation and Expert Medical Advice

A part of making a claim for amputation compensation is claiming the cost of private and specialist rehabilitation, not just a simple NHS referral to a generic consultant.  All of our consultants and experts are specialists in dealing with Amputation cases and understand both the medical and legal aspect of assisting our clients.

They provide our clients with the advice, support and care they require on their road to recovery.   They select the highest quality prosthetics and equipment to assist in making life normal again.  More often than not the prosthetics given to our clients are far more comfortable and effective than those provided by the NHS and use all of the latest technologies in manufacturing.